Wayne B. Staunton


Sold Out National Event Management (SoldOut) was formed in 1993 under Wayne’s unique vision for a truly full-service event delivery organisation, offering turn-key solutions.

Wayne put together a group of dedicated, focused and driven professionals who have client’s best interest at heart. Under Wayne’s leadership through the first two decades of operations, the SoldOut team have successfully worked in every state and capital city around Australia continuously for 23years as well as many international venues, where SoldOut produced major international sporting, cultural and community events, including the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, World Cup Cycling 2002 in England, the 40th Anniversary Pacific Island Games in Fiji, Surf Life Saving Events in Japan, BHP Billiton Global Olympic Games Sponsorship Leveraging programs etc.

The SoldOut team developed systems and processes to foresee, advise and plan entire projects from the many and complex considerations through Wayne’s oversight and empowered our team with the ability to scale our services to any client or event.

Semi-retired, Wayne (WBS) remains an active part of the SoldOut journey, regularly leading teams on site, consulting across major projects, offering value to clients through 26yrs of corporate history or simply popping in to the office.