Sold Out Team Part of GC2018 Queen’s Baton Relay

Congratulations to our Sold Out Team members, who were announced as Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay batonbearers.

Mrs Fiona Bedford (Finance Director and Ultra-Marathoner) will be Sold Out’s first team member to carry the Queen’s Baton on the Australian journey. As Sold Out’s first employee, we are incredibly thankful that Fiona continues to be a part of the Sold Out journey after 24years!

As a mother of three girls and Ultra-Marathon runner, Fiona is an inspiration amongst the Sold Out team for her dedication, energy and can-do attitude.

We are so proud that Fiona Bedford will be a part of the Australian Queen’s Baton journey in Armidale NSW, along with our founder, Wayne B. Staunton who will carry the baton in Alice Springs NT, our CEO Thomas B. Staunton who will be the Batonbearer in Blackwater, QLD and our Managing Director Kim-Daniel Voss who will carry the baton is his childhood district of Hobson’s Bay VIC.

We are very excited for our Sold Out team members to be part of all the legends, who will share the dream and carry the Queen’s Baton with pride next year in the lead up to our biggest sporting event in Australia this decade. They all truly represent the spirit of the Commonwealth and inspire others to be great.

Congratulations all!

Find all the baton-bearers here.