Share The Dream: Research Trip 2017 – Part One

As a part of Sold Out’s ‘constant learning’ approach and to ensure we remain the industry leaders in Australia, offering our clients world’s best practice, our team are half way through a two month trip throughout Europe. On this trip they are sharing the dream of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games as well as conducting industry research to increase the value of our services to clients Australia-wide.

Our team are participating in events, meeting with thought leaders, experiencing innovative products hands on, getting behind the scenes on some of the world’s most prestigious events and developing new relationships with industry experts from around the world. We have met with lecturers and marketing directors and witnessed the forefront of crowd safety and security.

These research trips assist the Sold Out team to continually push the boundaries of brand activations and consumer experiences in Australia through the application of new technologies, concepts, digital assets and shared knowledge.

All the while, our team are bringing GC2018 to the world and sharing the dream as we discuss our involvement in the biggest event in Australia in the past decade!


–      Amsterdam & Rotterdam – Netherlands

–      Sardinia – Italy

–      Palma de Mallorca – Spain

–      London & Newcastle – United Kingdom

–      Valletta – Malta

–      Edinburgh – Scotland

–      Porto – Portugal

–      New York – United States of America

Part 2 of the research trip will include Hong Kong and Tokyo later in the year.