Q&A with Sold Out’s Managing Director Kim-Daniel Voss

What’s your role at Sold Out ?

I’m the Managing Director, a.k.a “Captain Kim”. We are a tight team at Sold Out and I work closely together with our CEO Thomas Staunton on the company’s strategy. As a two-person management team we are able to divide an achieve more in a day.

On a day to day basis, I oversee all “hands on” project operations and logistics for our national team, including ensuring that Sold Out deliver all project requirements and outcomes on site…. anyone who knows Thomas will have enjoyed his big thinking creative direction and a long lunch, haha.

Give us a little peek at your career background before your current role at Sold Out?

I have been with Sold Out for over five years now and prior to Sold Out, I was the Captain of a 50m super yacht for ten years. Originally built in Brisbane, we took the yacht to the Caribbean, then to Sochi, Russia, before settling in to her home in the Mediterranean. I oversaw a complete refit of the yacht in Barcelona and was ultimately responsible for the crew, guests and vessel. A highlight of my former career was bringing the super yacht into Venice.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Can I only list one?? The excitement and energy of getting on site at every project; our incredible team who always go above and beyond; the amazing clients and brands we work with everyday; the positive outcomes and impact we have on communities all over Australia.

How would your friends and colleagues describe you?

I asked them directly to ensure an accurate assessment… They said “dedicated and loyal”, “fun and positive”, “a true leader”, “get the job done” and “Captain Kim”.

What’s unique about Sold Out as an event management company?

Our truly ‘beginning to end’ services and absolute ‘can do’ approach ensures that Sold Out gets the job done when others cannot. Our amazing team and unrivalled experience delivering world-class events has positioned Sold Out as the industry leader for over 24 years.

What big projects are coming up for Sold Out ?

In no particular order, some of the big projects in the coming months include Floriade – Canberra, Coolangatta Gold, Royal Queensland Show, Bowel Cancer Australia Tour, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Suncorp SuperNetball, Cronulla Spring Festival, Sydney Marathon and many more. Plus a brand new lifestyle event that Sold Out has developed and will be delivered over summer 17/18! Stay tuned…

What’s your favourite Australian event and why?

One of my personal favourite events is Australia Day. It is an opportunity for all of the amazing and diverse communities across Australia to come together and celebrate this fantastic country. It is also time to showcase everything it means to be ‘Australian” to the rest of the world, think BBQ’s, beach, family, friends and the Triple J’s Hottest 100.

What makes a good event manager?

A motivated attitude. An old saying I love is “You can teach anyone the skills, if they are motivated. You cannot teach someone motivation, no matter what skills they have”. If an event manager is proactive and is willing to learn, they will succeed.

Why did you choose to work in the events industry?

The event industry is dynamic, challenging, exciting and it is always presenting new opportunities. I enjoy the positive experiences communities have when visiting events and watching the joy on their faces as they come together for a common reason. The events industry offers me the chance to make a difference, a difference to brand awareness, a difference to a community, a difference to event stakeholders.

Who gave you your start in the events industry? Who has been the most influential figure for you in the industry?

It’s the same person – the unequalled, Mr Wayne B Staunton. Wayne founded Sold Out in 1993 and has been an incredibly influential figure for me (and many others) in the events industry. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Wayne has taught me a lot about where the events industry has come from in Australia, which helps us to understand the future.

What do you think lies ahead for Australian events?

I am looking forward to Australian Events integrating more digital and immersive experiences for consumers and communities. I am also looking forward to more understanding and supporting of new events in Australia from a corporate sponsorship perspective and in regard to regulations, red-tape and government procedures being more conducive to new events. Red-tape often stops a lot of events in Australia getting off the ground in year one.

What’s something few people know about Sold Out?

We still work with our very first client. Sold Out enjoys 20year+ relationships with many of our clients (Athletics Australia, Swimming Australia etc); however, Surf Life Saving Australia holds a special place as our first ever client.

What advice would you give someone looking to make a career in the events industry?

The reality of a career in events is very different to the thought of a career in events. The reality is a little less glamorous. Events are hard work, they are weekends, early mornings and late nights, but that is why we love it. As long as you are willing to put in the effort there is nothing more rewarding than the successful outcome of an event.