Expert Insights: What We’ve Got That The Rest Of The World Doesn’t!

International events: why Australia is attracting them.

Over that past 25 years, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of international events making Australia their chosen event location. The Sold Out Events team and I work with many major events, organising committees and international sponsors around the world, and we see such a strong contingent of these brands creating events in Australia.

That is a testament to what Australia offers – we go out there, put ourselves forward and we do it right the first time. The world has recognised what Australia has to offer in terms of an event destination, and I think those reasons can be summed up in five key categories:

  1. Unique Assets:including beaches, weather, postcard scenery and rare environments.
  2. Infrastructure: including world-class stadiums, convention centres, accommodation and transport options.
  3. Operational Components:including highly evolved safety standards, procedures and protocols.
  4. Personnel:including highly trained and experienced companies and event industry staff.
  5. Marketing:including the incredible work organisations such as Tourism

Australia and Destination NSW have done in marketing and positioning us as more than just a holiday destination.

When we combine all these things, Australia can produce events of a much higher standard than other countries such as the US, France, Italy and Spain. The end result is a higher level of experience and safer events for spectators and customers.

Whether it’s running a marathon in Sydney or watching a cricket match in Adelaide, Australia has a lot to offer. We get the job done right, and I think that’s what attracts, and will continue to attract, so many major international events to our shores.

Thomas B. Staunton
CEO Sold Out Events