Expert Insights: Trusted Partnerships

What does it mean?

One of my previous LinkedIn articles focused on business and client relationships – why they are essential and how to build them. But what does it mean to be a trusted partner in the events industry?

We are still working with the very first client we ever had on our books – Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA). After 25-years, Sold Out Events is always their first choice when it comes to major events and operational management as well as logistical support and production. We never upsell; instead, we continually provide efficient and effective cost-saving solutions and centralised services and deliverables. Because of this, we have become a trusted partner to SLSA and so many other long-term clients.

Generally speaking, our clients don’t have individual, stand-alone brand campaigns, as their events and activations are always a part of a bigger business objective and a longer-term strategy. The closer we can be aligned with our clients the more effective we can be as a supplier because we understand why they are doing particular activations, sponsoring a specific event or partnering a program.

Being a trusted partner to our clients means we’ve built a strong relationship, understood their ‘bigger picture’ plan and consistently deliver above and beyond their expectations time and time again.

Thomas B. Staunton