Expert Insights – SoldOut’s Renewed Focus for 2019

Picture of SoldOut CEO SoldOut’s Renewed Focus for 2019

2019 is well and truly underway and coming off the back of our 25-year celebrations last year, I’m excited to be looking forward to new and innovative opportunities for our business.

In preparation for the new year and the next chapter of our journey, SoldOut recently underwent a complete rebrand.

As part of that process, we’ve repositioned our business focus.

What does that mean?

For 25 years we’ve proven our operational capabilities, but now we are bringing to the fore our creative, conceptual and strategic foundation that has underpinned the success of campaigns and projects we have delivered.

While creative, conceptual and strategic consultation and review are services we’ve always inherently provided, we’re now actively marketing these based on feedback and the value they have provided our customers.

By working with clients on projects from the concept stage, we provide all stakeholders with a significant increase in effectiveness, efficiency and cost savings through operational planning and delivery stages.

When we engage with clients from the outset, we’re able to divert funds back into campaign outcomes, so they aren’t being wasted in operational double ups. This saves both time and money while increasing the success of KPI’s.

SoldOut is a world leader in ‘beginning to end’ brand activations and experiences, and our core business focus continues to reflect that.

Thomas B. Staunton