Expert Insights: Simplifying relationships in the event supply chain

Picture of SoldOut CEOThe relationship between a client and event suppliers can take on many different forms, mainly because every event is unique in its own way.

For large-scale events, there are often many suppliers and contractors hired to work on various event elements. For example, one supplier may be hired to provide lighting while another is hired to deliver furniture. Then there’s signage, logistics, ticketing, operations, creative concepts, brand ambassadors and the list goes on.

For the client, managing individual suppliers can be a time-consuming and challenging task, particularly if they have little time to focus on the event planning requirements, on top of their regular responsibilities. Furthermore, it takes a certain experience working with venues, agencies and contractors to stakeholder manager everyone efficiently and pro-actively.

By hiring an experienced agency that offers complete event management services, the client is able to simplify the number of relationships they need to manage and in turn, streamline the event process. The positive effects of this are two-fold. A cost-effective and efficient event planning process, as well as productive client resources who can continue to focus on their primary business objectives.

An event management company, such as SoldOut, works much like a foreman on a building site and regularly oversees every aspect of an event. Our team are a central point of contact instead of the client and we ensure everyone is cross-checked and verified – before it gets to the client – reducing white noise and wasted time.

The outcome of simplifying relationships?

Fewer headaches for the client and a smoother process for the other suppliers involved, which means cost savings, efficiencies and productive teams.

Thomas B. Staunton