Expert Insights: More Than Just Event Management Services

At Sold Out Events we offer our clients more than just “event management” services. In fact, we offer total event delivery solutions from concept and ideation, branding and strategy, to collateral and signage production, inventory management, activations and event delivery, stakeholder and agency management, warehousing and logistics, brand ambassadors, risk and site management, marketing and promotions.

One service that is rapidly growing in terms of demand is the centralisation of event management services, particularly for national and multi-national corporations that have multiple business units and office locations.

Take for example a company that requires brand signage for regular events and sponsorship activations. A team in one brand department may be looking to order these items for their upcoming event, however they are unaware that another department already had this signage made for a recent conference. The value we add for clients, is to implement efficiencies across multiple business units and centralise the supply process, saving clients time and money.

Believe it or not, this is a situation which we encounter on a weekly basis from clients and our centralisation services are applied across all of our business services.

We have also developed management systems and processes that can be seamlessly incorporated into client’s systems or provided online, so information about available stock and its location is easily accessible at any time.

The event management industry is rapidly evolving from traditional management services and clients are now looking for a diverse range of solutions to suit their business needs. By going beyond the norms of what an event company offers, we are able to provide all of these solutions through a dedicated account manager.

Thomas B. Staunton