Expert Insights: Industry Conferences

Are they worth the time and money?

On 14 June, I’ll be attending The Event Summit in Sydney. It’s a one-day conference which brings together leaders in the event industry to share insights, tips and techniques. But are these types of conferences worth the time and money?

Every day, there are hundreds of conferences taking place all over the world, and business and individuals have varying reasons for attending them. For me, attending conferences is about sharing and learning. One of the most beneficial aspects is hearing from other big industry organisations and learning about their experiences in terms of best practice, issues management and client relationships.

At The Event Summit, I will be presenting as a guest speaker, and this offers a wonderful opportunity for me to share my knowledge and experience about what Sold Out Events has learnt over our many years of operating in the event industry. I believe people who work in our line of work like to help each other and make a difference to communities through the events they produce. Speaking at conferences is a great way help others deliver events more efficiently and effectively.

When I attend an industry conference, it’s not usually for business development purposes. Sure, there are some conferences where participants are largely potential clients, and there is a commercial element to the event. I find, however, at most conferences you’re in a room with many of your competitors, and it’s about being immersed in that learning environment. So, yes I think attending conferences is worth the time and money to improve your business.

Thomas B. Staunton