Expert Insights: Maximising Impact In The New Financial Year

As budgets are reset and allocated at the beginning of the new financial year, it’s a great opportunity to re-evaluate your processes and to make sure you’re getting the best value for money. Market trends show budgets are getting tighter whilst ROI markers are increasing – so who will save you money this financial year?  How can your activations become more efficient whilst delivering on growing expectations?

A roadmap that gets you from A to B!. Throughout the past 26 years, we have experienced time and time again, the importance of operational and delivery considerations during the strategic and concept development phase. This early delivery partner engagement not only saves money at event time, it streamlines valuable resources, maximises ROI throughout the event lifecycle and enhances human experiences.

For example, brands spend big $$ on creative concepts without getting the right operational and production input early on, which is needed to review and qualify how the concept will be delivered in market. Meaning, pitched concepts can be undeliverable or need to be scaled back due to being over budget or unachievable within production timelines, venue restrictions etc.

Our team see the process from beginning to end and everything in between. We know what it is like to have an amazing concept and we know how difficult it can be to get cost effective delivery solutions when you are working with multiple agencies.

The sooner production and execution tests are applied in the planning and development of an idea, the more cost effective and impactful delivery of that idea can be and the more value for money you get, because your creative ideas are fact-checked in real time.

How can we be more efficient?! The SoldOut team provide operational and logistical consultation during conception phase to ensure that ideas receive appropriate pre-production consideration to future proof ideas, such as: utilising existing equipment and assets owned by the client, whole of business versatility of new infrastructure being made/purchased, short and long-term storage requirements, freight restrictions and potential rebranding etc.

Theory vs Practice? For the past 15 years we have worked with several, national and multi brand organisations, planning and producing their brand activations, signage production and storage, amongst other things, where delivering a consistent user experience and brand image, on budget, is important.

So, to streamline client processes and reduce costs, we provide in-house services including:

– operational and production review during concept stages,

– planning, management and on-site execution

– centralised storage of client infrastructure, signage and warehousing solutions

In doing so, this makes our client’s campaigns far more cost effective and efficient. There is less room for inconsistencies and ensures a seamless delivery for every event, every time.