Expert Insights – Client Debrief

Are they important?

I’ve just returned from a five-week tour of Europe where I, and Sold Out Events’ Managing Director Kim Voss, attended industry conferences and met with peers, venues, clients and agencies throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

One of the highlights of our travels was returning to Switzerland to meet with international watchmaker Longines for a formal debrief of their Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games sponsorship program, which Sold Out Events assisted with from concept development to delivery.

During our debrief, we celebrated the success of the program, discussed key learnings and discussed operational strategy for moving forward on future Games. Our time with Longines reminded me how crucial and valuable debriefs are for all stakeholders and how important they are in helping to build strong and meaningful relationships. There should be no barrier to a debrief as our journey to Switzerland demonstrates.

Sold Out Events stands out as a world-class events agency because we place a high value on strategic and long-term relationships. We have also identified the value and importance of a face-to-face planning, operational and post-event meetings which ensures we are always on the same page as our clients moving forward. Our clients recognise that we take the time to understand their business and have their best interests in mind.

We want to work with our clients both now and in the future and a great way to reiterate that is for our clients to be given an opportunity to share their feedback so we can continue to and be even more effective in the future.

Thomas B. Staunton