Expert Insights: Business Relationships

Are they important?

Strong business and client relationships are the foundations our company is built on. Our clients have the choice of who they work with for their event management services, but they engage with Sold Out Events because we know there is so much more to choosing a supplier than just results.

These days, building loyalty between customers and suppliers is nearly non-existent because everyone is just looking at the bottom line. We pride ourselves on establishing strong relationships from the outset as business relationships go beyond deliverables in a proposal or brief.

Cost and confidence are important factors but I think constant and open communication is key to building meaningful relationships, and many suppliers forget that. It’s easy to be a run-of-the-mill event management company and just ‘cut and copy’ events and activations, but at Sold Out Events we really care about our clients.

Understanding what our work means to our clients’ business is fundamental and something that is genuinely important to us. Our clients are not simply a business transaction.

Thomas B. Staunton