Event Logistics

Crunching the numbers

Have you ever thought about what it takes to stage a major event like a music festival or an international sporting event? The signage, the promotional materials, the products used to construct activation zones, the equipment and infrastructure, and the services. That’s not to mention uniforming staff as well as their travel and accommodation.

In the month of February alone, the Sold Out Events’ team delivered major events in every state and territory in Australia, and they drove the whole way. The total distance travelled was equivalent to 1.6 trips around the world!

We’ve crunched the numbers and thought we’d give you an insight into the items required to deliver world-class events:

There is a lot more to signage then…well, just a sign. In 2017, Sold Out Events used more than 45 different types of signage at events ranging from vinyl banners, bunting and corflute toblerones to teardrop feathers, garden bed signs and finish arch banners. In total, we purchased more than 1,500 signs, including 25 cardboard box aeroplanes.

Promotional Materials
Any good event activation zone requires promotional material; it’s essential if it is to be seen and remembered! Whether it’s a simple A5 flyer, stickers for giveaways or a branded lanyard, in 2017 we ordered heaps of them – around 14,000 different promotional items.

When it comes to event equipment the list is never-ending. There are the standard, run of the mill items used at most events such as generators, chest freezers and chairs. Then there are unique items that make events that little bit special like a jumping castle. In 2017, Sold Out Events purchased or hired more than 1,300 pieces of equipment.

What we didn’t include in this total were the 31,000 cable ties, the 1,800 metres of gaffe tape and the one popcorn machine – what event doesn’t have a popcorn machine?

These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg, but extraordinary events require an extraordinary number of items to make them happen. Sold Out Events are leaders in producing award-winning events in Australia and around the world, and if you require specialised event expertise, give us a call. Just take one of the 4,500 Sold Out Events business cards we ordered last year, our number is on the back.