Delivering International Events in Regional Centres

How engaging a lead agency can help create human legacy

In recent years, there has been a shift in how and where major, international sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games are being delivered. Regional centres around the world are fast becoming a popular location for International Federations and its no wonder with the success of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

While there is an opportunity for regional communities to benefit substantially from hosting an international event (i.e. development of new infrastructure and a boost to the local economy), many local businesses and stakeholders are not equipped with the experience, capability or knowledge required to support such an event, especially due to the stringent procurement measures in place to ensure the world’s best outcomes of the Games.

This is where engaging a lead agency such as SoldOut, who has 26 years of experience working on global events, can ensure the successful delivery of an event in regional centres and significantly increase the engagement of local business by reducing the barrier to entry for supply.

Organising committees, International Federations and delivery partners require suppliers to possess an exceptionally high level of quality assurance, operational capability and previous major event experience as well as being able to achieve procurement standards to ensure the best possible delivery of their event on a global stage.

Local businesses and stakeholders want to be involved so they can up-skill and innovate their companies, but it can be a very risky undertaking. They face many hurdles and challenges because it is often too difficult to meet the minimum requirements set out by the procurement process, as well as being a costly exercise to compete with other organisations.

Small and medium businesses are required to achieve minimum benchmarks for tendering, resourcing, WH&S, sustainability, insurance and financial backing. For many, the barrier to participation is too high on an individual basis, coupled with the lack of experience on major events at a local level, the opportunity is unattainable.

A lead agency provides an effective and valuable integration opportunity between major international events and local businesses while actively engaging, creating and fostering human legacy within a community that would otherwise miss out on the opportunity to benefit.

A lead agency is an incredible resource for both sides by providing:

  • To the organising committee – risk mitigation, quality assurance, experience and capability to guarantee success, as well as providing opportunity, access and engagement of local businesses and supplier to strengthen legacy and positive economic impact.
  • To local businesses and stakeholders – a reduction in the barrier to entry, opportunity to participate in the procurement process, human legacy, economic benefits, engagement of the local community etc.

SoldOut has been a thought leader in how major events are delivered and has discussed this topic at conferences and forums around the world.

SoldOut has also been recognised for this approach to business and recently won Gold and Silver awards at the 2019 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards, for Innovation in Government and Innovation in Entertainment Events for its work on the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. SoldOut has also been shortlisted for Sports Agency of the Year in the 2019 Mumbrella Sports Marketing Awards in Australia.

SoldOut will be discussing the topic further at the upcoming MEI Major Event Summit, 6-27 June, Villa Park, Birmingham.