5 Reasons To Outsource To An Event Management Company

When it comes to creating events, there are lots of pieces in the puzzle, and the difference between a good event and an OK one can often come down to how good the person or organisation managing the event is at doing puzzles.

Here are five reasons why you should outsource to an event management company:

1. Expert Advice and Management
Having a professional and dedicated event manager to focus on the details and deal with the issues will not only keep your stress levels to a minimum, it will ensure your event is a success, no matter the size.

Some agencies position themselves as a “one stop shop”, offering marketing, PR, communications and events. When in reality MarComms and Events are two different processes which require many different skillsets and capabilities.

Working with event experts from the beginning will ensure your event is on-budget, efficiently delivered and creates the life changing impact you’re expecting!

2. Connections
Event management companies have all the right connections from the best venues in town to council departments for getting approvals and the right DJ to set the vibe.

Sold Out Events already has an existing network of qualified industry contacts for you to tap into; our little black book has been developed over 25 years and is event specific, so your event is always delivered efficiently.

3. Budgeting
It’s easy for event budgets to get a little out of hand because you know…one thing leads to another and those fire-blowing street performers were a last minute must have. While other agencies are great at convincing you of all the latest “must have trends”, adding up the numbers and paying the invoices is a key component to a successful event.

Venue hire, permits, fit-out, signage, and multiple suppliers; the list is exhausting and every item can quickly add up. Appointing a professional event management company is a great way to help you develop, and more importantly adhere to, an event budget.

4. Production
Large events often require the design and production of signage and infrastructure leaving you with multiple suppliers, deadlines, printing processes, quality control checks, deliveries and products to deal with. Choosing an event management company that also offers production as an in-house service means less running around and less chance of something going wrong. We take care of everything, holistically.

What sorts of items can we make? Our motto is: if you can dream it, the chances are Sold Out Events has built it. Find out more by reading our No Limit to Imagination article.

5. Centralisation
In one of our recent Expert Insights articles, our CEO talked about event management companies offering more than just the traditional service. The article focussed on the service of centralisation and how streamlining the supplies process can save clients time and money.

This service is a great addition to traditional event management services and can help businesses, in particular large multinational organisations.

So now you have engaged a professional and your next event is under control, you can start thinking of your next campaign.