#22 – 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics: Look and Feel

 The 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games was an incredible international sporting event that saw approximately 2,400 athletes from 77 countries participate in 80 events. It was the first time Australia won a Winter Olympic gold medal – who could forget Steven Bradbury’s unexpected victory in the 1000m short track speed skating?

Even more impressive were the sights and the atmosphere of the Olympic precinct, venues and arenas. Sold Out Events was responsible for developing, installing and managing the ‘look and feel’ elements of the Games. From flags and banners to colour schemes and visual effects, the team created surroundings that were truly unforgettable in competition and non-competition venues, as well as city precincts and village arenas.

However, the Games weren’t all song and dance. The evening prior to the opening ceremony, a significant snow blizzard hit Salt Lake City which effectively buried huge amounts of signage and infrastructure. Living by the motto “improvise, adapt, overcome”, the 100+ team of Sold Out project directors and crew members recovered and/or replaced all necessary signage and infrastructure, working through the night in time for opening!

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