#21- 2003 South Pacific Games, Fiji

In 2003, the XII South Pacific Games were held on the tiny island nation of Fiji. With around 5,000 athletes descending on Suva, it was one of the biggest Games to date and was the first time both traditional multisport event disciplines such as athletics and swimming together with region-specific and smaller events such as outrigger canoeing, surfing and lawn bowls.

Sold Out Events were in charge of many event elements including:

  • Look and feel implementation
  • Logistics
  • Signage
  • Opening and Closing ceremonies
  • Sponsor management

Sold Out Events’ founder and CEO at the time, Wayne B. Staunton, was tasked with delivering all of this on his own, relying only on local assistance, something he says was one of the major challenges of the job.

What made the Games most memorable however, was the pure and simple enjoyment brought to the event by everyone who was involved.