We continue our 25 most memorable moments series and with spring just around the corner, it’s time to look at of our iconic events at this time of year and some of our ‘majestic moments’ in the past. Here is #12 of our Memorable Moments.


Spring is almost here and with it also Australia’s biggest celebration of spring – Floriade.

Last year we celebrated our tenth year as delivery partner of this iconic event, , amongst others including signage production, logistical support and storage, and are looking forward to another colourful time in our nation’s capital this spring.

Contributing to the success of Floriade, always is a highlight for our Sold Out team and we will not forget one of our most ‘majestic memorable moments’, when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II came to visit our nation’s capital and paid Floriade a visit in 2011.

We are proud “Friends of Floriade” and love supporting this amazing event, which attracts such far reaching national and international attention and hundreds of thousands visitors every year.

We are looking forward to many more “majestic moments” and to being part of Floriade’s celebrations of spring and the best of Pop Culture this year from 15 September to 14 October 2018: https://floriadeaustralia.com