5 Reasons to Outsource to an Event Management Company

5 Reasons to Outsource to an Event Management Company


When it comes to creating events, there are lots of pieces in the puzzle, and the difference between a good event and an OK one can often come down to how good the person or organisation managing the event is at doing puzzles.

Here are five reasons why you should outsource to an event management company:

1.     Expert Advice and Management

Having a professional and dedicated event manager to focus on the details and deal with the issues will not only keep your stress levels to a minimum, it will ensure your event is a success, no matter the size.

Some agencies position themselves as a “one stop shop”, offering marketing, PR, communications and events. When in reality MarComms and Events are two different processes which require many different skillsets and capabilities.

Working with event experts from the beginning will ensure your event is on-budget, efficiently delivered and creates the life changing impact you’re expecting!

2.     Connections

Event management companies have all the right connections from the best venues in town to council departments for getting approvals and the right DJ to set the vibe.

Sold Out Events already has an existing network of qualified industry contacts for you to tap into; our little black book has been developed over 25 years and is event specific, so your event is always delivered efficiently.

3.     Budgeting

It’s easy for event budgets to get a little out of hand because you know...one thing leads to another and those fire-blowing street performers were a last minute must have. While other agencies are great at convincing you of all the latest “must have trends”, adding up the numbers and paying the invoices is a key component to a successful event.

Venue hire, permits, fit-out, signage, and multiple suppliers; the list is exhausting and every item can quickly add up. Appointing a professional event management company is a great way to help you develop, and more importantly adhere to, an event budget.

4.     Production

Large events often require the design and production of signage and infrastructure leaving you with multiple suppliers, deadlines, printing processes, quality control checks, deliveries and products to deal with. Choosing an event management company that also offers production as an in-house service means less running around and less chance of something going wrong. We take care of everything, holistically.

What sorts of items can we make? Our motto is: if you can dream it, the chances are Sold Out Events has built it. Find out more by reading our No Limit to Imagination article.

5.     Centralisation

In one of our recent Expert Insights articles, our CEO talked about event management companies offering more than just the traditional service.  The article focussed on the service of centralisation and how streamlining the supplies process can save clients time and money.

This service is a great addition to traditional event management services and can help businesses, in particular large multinational organisations.

So now you have engaged a professional and your next event is under control, you can start thinking of your next campaign.

Sold Out Events - July Newsletter

Sold Out Events - July Newsletter



Sold Out Events' July Newsletter is out now!

Read about what the Sold Out Events' team has been up to over the past month. Read our July Newsletter.

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Update: The World Tour Continues

Update: The World Tour Continues


Sold Out Events’ CEO Thomas B. Staunton and Managing Director Kim Voss continue to share knowledge, attend industry conferences and meet with peers, venues, clients and agencies throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

Thomas and Kim recently attended the Major Events International Summit in Liverpool to discuss, share, learn and network “all things” for the next wave of major global events including:

  • Invictus Games Sydney 2018
  • Juegos Panamericanos y Parapanamericanos Lima 2019
  • ICC Cricket World Cup 2019
  • Netball World Cup 2019
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
  • Rugby League World Cup 2021
  • Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Thomas said the summit was “a fantastic peer-to-peer and organising committee-to-supplier forum, focused on open conversations and gave Sold Out Events an opportunity to both share and learn key considerations amongst industry leaders.”

The summit was followed by several days of meetings and continued discussions with key players of the major events world in London.

“We have been able to understand deeper the challenges of Organising Committees, sponsors, key stakeholders and suppliers, from which we have identified several trends and consistencies,” Kim said.

“These offer several exciting opportunities for Sold Out to support the efficient and effective delivery of services,” he added. 

Thomas and Kim also visited Birmingham to meet with venues and stakeholders of the 2022 Commonwealth Games and to carry out several venue inspections. They will continue to Switzerland to meet with international watchmaker Longines, for a formal debrief of the Official Timekeeper’s sponsorship program which Sold Out delivered at GC2018, before carrying on to Spain, Germany and back to the United Kingdom for further business.

Finally, Thomas and Kim will finish up their international travel in Paris where they will begin preparing for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Expert Insights: Event Legacy

Expert Insights: Event Legacy

 Thomas B. Staunton CEO

Thomas B. Staunton

Fact or fiction?

At Sold Out Events, we work with many clients who require “legacy” to be an integral part of the planning and development process for their event. Having just wrapped up the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games where legacy was a key focus of the city’s bid, it’s a timely topic to discuss.

There are many different ways an event’s legacy can support the community or region an event is held in. Learning and education, infrastructure, environment, and financial revenue are some key areas where legacy can provide an ongoing benefit.

Building legacy into a major event can assist with attracting partners and sponsors, as well as offset many costs associated with running the event. Promoting the post-event legacy benefits can often help reduce community concerns toward an event over associated disruptions such as road closures and building works.

But while many event legacies can provide long-lasting and positive effects to the community, event organisers also need to carefully consider if the legacy they are proposing has true value.

For example, building a brand-new stadium for future generations to enjoy may look good on paper, but will it be utilised once the event has concluded? Will the potential economic benefit from tourism and spectators off-set the disruption to local communities? Is an educational program going to have a long-term influence on the direction of the community?

We utilise our decades of experience to work closely with our clients to fully assess and provide recommendations on the pros and cons of running a major event. This ensures their event legacy is impactful and long-lasting, in a good way.

Thomas B. Stauton

25 Memorable Moments

25 Memorable Moments
Surf Life Saving Events

To celebrate our 25th year in business, we’re counting down our 25 most memorable moments from the past. From international Games to domestic charity events, we have heaps of favourites.

This month we look back at the fond memories we’ve made delivering some of Surf Life Saving Australia’s major events.

#17 – Coolangatta Gold

 The Coolangatta Gold is one of the premier sporting events on the Australian Surf Life Saving calendar and is a gruelling marathon that combines multiple surf lifesaving disciplines: ski, swim, board and run.

It’s cemented its place as one of the most challenging endurance sports in the world. Competitors set out from Coolangatta Beach in the long-course event and paddle a surf ski 23 kilometres to Miami Beach before making the return trip via running, swimming and board paddling.

Fun Fact: The Coolangatta Gold race concept actually began as a central theme for a motion picture more than 30 years ago.

Sold Out Events is proud to be associated with this event through its partnership with Surf Life Saving Australia and has provided event logistics and delivery for the past 25 years. From signage and course set up to staffing, transport and sponsor activations, Sold Out Events has helped shape and grow this iconic Australian event.

#16 – World Life Saving Championships

Conducted every two years, the World Life Saving Championships showcases the skills and athleticism of the world’s best lifesavers. The event also provides a platform to promote the lifesaving movement and highlights how lifesaving provides an important emergency service in the community.

The event brings together athletes from all over the world to compete in multiple lifesaving disciplines. The event also provides social and community programs for competitors and spectators to enjoy.

In partnership with Surf Life Saving Australia and International Life Saving Federation, Sold Out Events has provided logistical support, production and assistance with event delivery for both the Melbourne 2006 and Adelaide 2012 Championships. In 2018, Adelaide will again host “Rescue” the World Life Saving Championships, the first time in history the event has returned to a previous host city – based solely on the success of 2012.

Expert Insights: More than just event management services

Expert Insights: More than just event management services


 Thomas B. Staunton CEO

Thomas B. Staunton

At Sold Out Events we offer our clients more than just “event management” services. In fact, we offer total event delivery solutions from concept and ideation, branding and strategy, to collateral and signage production, inventory management, activations and event delivery, stakeholder and agency management, warehousing and logistics, brand ambassadors, risk and site management, marketing and promotions.

One service that is rapidly growing in terms of demand is the centralisation of event management services, particularly for national and multi-national corporations that have multiple business units and office locations.

Take for example a company that requires brand signage for regular events and sponsorship activations. A team in one brand department may be looking to order these items for their upcoming event, however they are unaware that another department already had this signage made for a recent conference. The value we add for clients, is to implement efficiencies across multiple business units and centralise the supply process, saving clients time and money.

Believe it or not, this is a situation which we encounter on a weekly basis from clients and our centralisation services are applied across all of our business services.

We have also developed management systems and processes that can be seamlessly incorporated into client’s systems or provided online, so information about available stock and its location is easily accessible at any time.

The event management industry is rapidly evolving from traditional management services and clients are now looking for a diverse range of solutions to suit their business needs. By going beyond the norms of what an event company offers, we are able to provide all of these solutions through a dedicated account manager.

Thomas B. Staunton

Sold Out Events Appointed to Strathfield Council Panel

Sold Out Events Appointed to Strathfield Council Panel



Continuing to build on its 10-year relationship, Sold Out Events is proud to announce its appointment to Strathfield Council’s panel for event management services.

Sold Out Events’ CEO Thomas Staunton said their selection for the council’s first event management panel is a testament to the work they have produced and Sold Out Event’s ability to scale services for every client.

“Having provided event management services for the council’s key events for more than a decade, we are delighted to have been successful in the tender process and selected for their panel so we can continue to develop and grow their community events.

“Some of the major events Sold Out has been involved in Strathfield are the Cooks River Fun Run, the summer movies in the park series, the Australia Day citizenship ceremony and celebrations, and the annual Christmas carols.

“These events provide a great opportunity for the community to come together and share in everything the local area has to offer and to be a part of building communities is very rewarding,” said Staunton.

To find out more about Strathfield Council’s local events visit https://www.strathfield.nsw.gov.au/news-and-events/events-calendar/

Sold Out Events - June Newsletter


Sold Out Events - June Newsletter

Sold Out Events' June Newsletter is out now!

Read about what the Sold Out Events' team has been up to over the past month and where they will be travelling over the winter. Read our June Newsletter.

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Where in the world is the Sold Out Events Team?

Where in the world is the Sold Out Events Team?


At Sold Out Events, our team are certainly no strangers to travel whether it be domestically or internationally. It’s a constant logistical routine of airports, buses and road trips.

In fact, our team spends so much time on the road delivering world-class events and activations they’ve racked up some impressive stats. Take the recent Team Australia national celebrations tour which celebrated our Commonwealth Games medallists and athletes, for example. Our team visited eight cities in eight days and travelled over 16,000km around Australia in that time.

During February, our staff delivered events in every state and territory in Australia while delivering the major event celebrations for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Queen’s Baton Relay.

It’s safe to say we spend more time on the road than in the office, but thanks to technology we can perform our job anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night.

Since the beginning of May, the Sold Out Event’s crew have been visiting locations all over the world for working holidays, because let face it, “when you love what you do, you never work a day” as they say. We’ve been in South Africa, Europe and the United States of America.

For our CEO Thomas Staunton and Managing Director Kim Voss, the constant travel to ensure Sold Out Events’ presence continues to be felt in the international events market is never-ending. Thomas spent a total of 36hrs at home in the past 3 months.

Their next stop is the Major Events Summit in Liverpool England, 27-28 June, where they will collaborate with other international event organisations and share their event knowledge, followed by the CONFEX Future Focus exhibition in Manchester early July.

While the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games is still wrapping up, there’s no rest, as we focus on the next games which are just over four years away. So Thomas and Kim are heading to Birmingham to meet with organisers of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

After establishing a new relationship with Longines and the successful delivery of their sponsorship program for GC2018, our team will be visiting the watch-makers’ head office in Switzerland for a full debrief.

Thomas and Kim will finish up their international travel in Paris where they will begin to look at preparations for the 2024 Olympic Games.

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